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Kakan Water Bottles

Kakan Water Bottles

Artist: Merindi Schrieber, Naurita Briscoe & Kiara Gulliver

Tribal Nation: Kuku Yalanji

Artwork Title: Kakan

Artwork Story: This piece was created in collaboration with Merindi Schrieber, using Naurita and her daughter Kiara’s acrylic on canvas paired with Merindi’s acrylic hand-pressed traditionally woven black palm (kakan) fibre

Kakan (blackpalm fibre) is used to create traditional balji (dilly bags). This piece depicts the strong connections between water, rainforest and Bama (people of the land) of which Kakan cannot survive without all three elements. Muscle shells are used to clean the fibres and water prevents breakage during the weaving process

Just as water is the giver of life to all, so it is to our plant kin


Stainless steal Water Bottle
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